Western Astrology



Your destiny is generally limited to the undeniable and factual circumstances surrounding your birth, such as the exact position of the planets, the time and place of your birth, your birth parents, your gender and so on. It also covers some of the more solid but still mutable elements of your being, such as religion, class and drive. Once these factors are set, it is quite difficult for anything to be done to change them. Everything you do stems from these initial, immutable influences.

Destiny is also about those factors of yourself that are predetermined. It pens the conditions that are given by divine or human will. Destiny can't be easily explained and its toll is not subject to human intervention. In addition to being in charge of the facts surrounding your birth and approach to life, destiny structures the aspects of your person. If an individual has an innate desire to pursue a goal, something that has driven them since birth with very little outside influence or encouragement, these passions can also be described as destiny. A strident mission that isn't likely to change or be stripped from you is also destiny at work.

The differences between your fate and your destiny can only be determined by individual discretion. There is no scientific line to be drawn here. It's up to the individual to decide what is their fate, freewill or destiny -- and to act accordingly. For the most part, the individual has some say but your destiny is all the things about you that are predetermined.

Here is an example. A woman had been pursuing astrology since she could barely read, about the age of three. Without any prompting, influence or encouragement from the members of her family, her destiny drew her into the world of astrology, and is now her vocation. Arguably, she had free choice to steer away from her astrological pursuits. She could have chosen to suppress the urges to pursue the subject. In that respect, she did have ultimate control over my destiny, as she does over freewill and fate. However, her sense of purpose was so strong throughout that she felt she would be doing herself a disservice if she didn't follow that path.

In astrology, it is believed that destiny stems from the strong feelings of our past, thus bringing us full circle back to the question of our fate. Destiny is our final calling to resolve old issues and to complete cycles started long ago. The factors of Karmic astrology that affect our destiny are the planet Saturn, the Outer Planets, the Balsamic Moon and the Critical Degrees. Saturn oversees all authority and responsibility; this taskmaster rewards and reprimands you for the choices you've made. The Outer Planets -- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- are the generational planets that affect us individually and globally. The Moon is usually the planet we refer to in its Balsamic Phase; this teaches us about task completion. The Critical Degrees, borrowed from Vedic Astrology, offer great opportunity for success.